Solo exhibition Gippsland gallery Sale Victoria, solo exhibition Dianne Tanzer gallery + projects Melbourne.

Linnaeus's Dog Linnaeus's Dog Linnaeus's Dog
Linnaeus’s Dog
Size : H/3000mm x L/6000mm x D/5700mm
Material : Plywood, filing cabinet handles, branches, foam, dyed cloth, chrome

98 Percent 01 98 Percent 02
Size : H/2800mm x ø/1200mm
Material : Branches, timber, paint, plaster, bone

Candela Candela
Size : H/1600mm x L/2700mm x W/800mm

The Low Road The Low Road The Low Road
The Low Road
Size : H/1540mm x W/1360mm x D/1490mm
Material : Foam, found object, paint, broken branches