Silence and Noise

Solo show Anita Traverso gallery Melbourne.

Wolf At the Bridge Wolf At the Bridge Wolf At the Bridge Wolf At the Bridge Wolf At the Bridge
Wolf At the Bridge
Size : ø/1100mm x D/600mm (each)
Material : Foam, acrylic disc, two pack paint

Escarpment Escarpment Escarpment
Size : H/950mm x W/2300mm x D/1700mm
Material : Foam, hand-dyed cloth, chrome, carved wood

Song From a Dream Song From a Dream
Song From a Dream
Size : H/1500mm x W/2200mm x D/700mm
Material : Steel, forton plaster, branches

Novice Novice Novice Novice
Size : H/1320mm x W/750mm x D/1080mm
Material : Foam, forton plaster, dyed cloth, mattress

On the Run On the Run On the Run
On the Run
Size : H/1400mm x W/900mm x D/400mm
Material : Wood, plaster, foam, table, tree roots

I'm Angry, I'm Wise and You, You're Under Cloudy Skies
I’m Angry, I’m Was and You, You’re Under Cloudy Sky’s
Size : H/1100mm x W/1400mm x D/710mm
Material : Foam, chrome, forton plaster, dyed cloth, sea fan