Animus Exodus

Solo show Anita Traverso gallery Melbourne.

 Dirty Love Song Dirty Love Song
Dirty Love Song
Size : H/1300mm x W/1500mm x D/700mm
Material : Cloth, wood, foam

Holiday Snap Holiday Snap
Holiday Snap
Size : H/800mm x W/2100mm x D/430mm
Material : Plaster, foam, flock, resin

I've Seen That Face Before
I’ve Seen That Face Before
Size : H/1800mm x W/400mm x D/350mm
Material : Bone, chrome, rust, patina, brass, foam

Sea Bell
Sea Bell
Size : H/640mm x W/1400mm x D/1200mm
Material : Plaster , paint, found objects, fibreglass

My Rain My Rain
My Rain
Size : H/650mm x W/1500mm x D/850mm
Material : Plaster, foam, resin, found objects, paint