Tin Sheds Gallery Sydney. University show with Stephen Crane.

Size : H/2000mm x W/900mm x D/500mm
Material : Resin, flocking, lantern

Chamber Chamber
Size : H/1400mm x W/1600mm x D/450mm
Material : Treem branches, flocking

Prayer to a Flame
Prayer to a Flame
Size : H/900mm x W/400mm x D/350mm
Material : Tree branches, flocking

Speaking in Tongues
Speaking in Tongues
Size : H/1100mm x W/400mm x D/400mm
Material : Tree branches, flocking

Spirit Cells Spirit Cells Spirit Cells Spirit Cells Spirit Cells
Spirit Cells
Size : H/1800mm x W/4000mm x D/400mm
Material : Steam, perspex, resin, copper